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Our client has been revolutionizing the call center industry and helping companies deliver better customer service for over 40 years. Recently it was awarded a “game changing” contract, which required immediate and expansive growth. However, to meet the business objectives the company needed to deliver a 300 seat call center functional with an in-place workforce under a hard deadline, on a very restrictive budget - all within twelve weeks. Wildmor kicked off the project by preparing a detailed financial analysis defining all costs associated with the build-out and related additional equipment and researching call center saturation, labor pool metrics and economic incentives. The goal was to determine the optimal location where our client would have an abundant qualified labor pool in a building with ample parking for a high density build out we needed to leverage our tenancy to drive down occupancy costs and qualify for local economic incentives.

Wildmor’s team identified a large contiguous space with ample parking that is located in the Roswell “Opportunity Zone” and negotiated aggressive terms which included a plug-n-play suite in the building that Colibrium used to hire and train employees at their space was being built at no additional charge. The space was built out in record time taking only twenty-seven days, meeting the critical start date. The cost savings from being located in the opportunity zone amounted to $3500 per newly hired employee per year for a period of five years or $3,447,500 based on the one hundred and ninety seven employees to be hired. As a result, all of the client’s out of pocket costs were mitigated.

These kinds of results have become our calling card. We focus on helping our clients maximize their real estate approach.


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